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Fight Coronaviruses with Simix

Before Simix: Hygiena Luminometer ATP reading on airport restroom floor recently cleaned with a competitor's product is 368. That means the floor is completely contaminated.   Cleaning with Simix: Center tile is quickly cleaned with Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser.   After Simix: ATP reading after cleaning with Simix is 4. Hygiena standards say that anything below 10 is effectively sterile and safe for healthcare and hospital environments.

Simix Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser

and Simix Multi-Surface Ceramic Coating Destroys Viruses on Hard Surfaces

  • High pH destroys viruses and germs

  • Keeps surfaces virus-free longer with less work

  • Water-based - Zero VOC

  • Safe for People and Pets

  • Simix contains sodium per carbonate (hydrogen peroxide)

Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1: Clean Surfaces

Dissolve 1/2 of a small scoop of Simix Degreaser in 32 oz. spray bottle. For larger mixture add 2 small scoops to 1 Gallon of hot water, shake to dissolve then pour into spray bottle.

Spray surface. Wipe clean.


Step 2: Coat Surfaces

Mix Simix Multi-Surface Ceramic Coating with water in spray bottle. Use 4 parts water to 1 part coating.

Spray coating on to clean microfiber cloth.

Rub on surfaces.

Immediately dry buff with dry microfiber cloth.

Do a second coat when first coat is dry.


Step 3: Clean Daily

Spray Simix Degreaser mixture on surface.

Wipe clean

We recommend re-coating high - touch surfaces once a month. Other surfaces re-coat annually.


Why does Simix have a high pH?



Viruses live and grow on surfaces that have a pH level between 4.8 and 9.2. While most cleaning and coating products are pH neutral, Simix Cleaner (pH 11.4) and Coatings (pH 12.3) create a permanent, safe, high pH that prevents the growth of viruses and microfilm.

With Simix, you can easily maintain a clean environment that does not support virus growth.


What is SPOT-ON?

Sustainable Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology (SPOT) is what we call the titanium dioxide inside Simix Coatings and Degreaser. Titanium dioxide is a safe, naturally occurring compound that reflects natural and artificial light. As that light is reflected,it converts water in the air into hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, grime and stains.



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